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Оглас за вработување на Research Analyst во The Big Research Academy



At Navis, our purpose is to improve the way the world selects its leaders. By equipping the world’s best search consultants with the latest technologies, data, and processes, we can empower them to make better, more informed recommendations to their clients and candidates. In this way, we directly impact the outcomes of leadership hiring, globally. Our product helps executive consultants manage their workflow and tap into time-saving services so that they can focus on what they do best – assessing and building relationships with candidates and companies.

We love working in a dynamic environment and accept uncertainty with a bias for action because we know we can change the world with our actions. We dream big and work small – delivering quick continuous improvements. We understand the value of compounding small gains over time. We do the hard things first – growth only comes from discomfort. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are looking for a challenge and the growth and opportunities that come with it, we might be the right place for you.

We are hiring Research Analyst through our Research Academy!

What is The Navis Research Academy?

We are very excited to launch the very first cohort of The Navis Research Academy!

This is a unique 6-month full-time paid program built for talented and driven people who want to start their career in research and recruitment. We’re kick starting this program on the 15th of September and are looking for up to 15 recent graduates to “join this cohort”.

During this 6 month program you’ll learn all the ins and outs to make you a kickass Researcher; such as understanding job requirements and translating them into effective search criteria, creating great sourcing strategies, archetypes, and hunting grounds, using the best sourcing tools to find relevant candidates, and communicating your research findings to an audience.

Research is core to what we’re building at Navis. A good executive search process starts with a good understanding of the problem and great research – it’s our best lever to improve the search process. At Navis, we’re constantly looking to improve the way research done, making it faster, more automated and effective.

During the program you will receive a full-time contract and a salary of 400 euros, but we’re hoping you find a long-term career in research. After successfully completing the program, you move into a Research role and we will increase your salary to 500 euros and you should have the skills to increase your impact and further your career within our Research team.

How do you know if you are the right fit for the Academy?

We’ve found that our best Researchers are naturally curious people. They are analytical and love to learn and pe deep into topics – whether that’s learning how to use a new tool, understanding the technology market and landscape better, or really getting to the bottom of what a Chief Product Officer actually does. You’ll want to find that needle in a haystack and are motivated by delivering world-class work quickly and efficiently. You’re persistent and think long term. Plus, you want to have impact – on how great companies are built and how the world selects its leaders.

If this sounds like you then we know you’ll love a Research job!

Must have skills:

  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree (obtained either in 2021 or June/September 2022)
  • You are fluent in English, both verbal and written
  • You are based in Skopje
  • You have a curious, proactive, and goal-oriented mindset
  • You have a creative, flexible personality & thrive in a fast-paced dynamic environment

What’s in it for you:

Passionate, smart & supportive team – we’re all about teamwork at Navis. You will join a team of 20+ Researchers who are working across Skopje, Budapest, Warsaw, and Belgrade.

Start-up & fast-paced culture – We’re on a mission to improve the way the world selects its leaders. We bet big and PUSH, we work rapidly to obtain results. To fully embed yourself in the culture, you’ll be in our offices in Soravia Centre at least four times a week. We take our work seriously, but we also have fun, and you’ll join us for spontaneous drinks, casual lunches, and ping-pong games with the team. You’re also invited to our regular All Hands meetings where we’ll share updates on what’s going on across the business.

Mentorship & growth – at Navis, we strive to learn a bit more and get a bit better everyday. You’ll work together with a mentor and collaborate closely with other trainees in your group. We believe that small gains compound into big returns over time. We challenge ourselves and do the hard things first because this is how we grow.

Full pay & great benefits – this is a paid program with a full-time employment agreement and compensation. We also have great benefits in place such as a quarterly well being day, learning budget, full equipment, private health insurance, and best of all – a company-sponsored trip to Greece!

Start date and evaluation process:

  • The start date for this position is the 14th of September. We are looking for everyone to start on the same day so you can go through on-boarding & training as a group
  • The evaluation process consists of a CV screen, a preliminary interview with one of our Recruiters, doing a Case Study as home task, and second interview with our Research team. The second interview will be held on-site in our offices in Soravia Centre. It will be a fun and interactive day where you’ll get more insights into Navis, what we do, our values, what the program is about. Maybe catch a company lunch, or casual talks with our employees over office drinks. You will receive feedback and a potential offer within 3 working days after the second interview.
  • NOTE: If you’re selected – please block the 4th to the 7th of October in your calendar as we’re taking the whole company to Greece for a company retreat 😎

Why should you join us?

  • We are people on a mission! We’re on a mission to improve the way the world selects its leaders.
  • We are building the future of executive search. We want to bring transparency and efficiency to the market.
  • We hire people who tell us what to do. You’ll have plenty of autonomy and freedom to do the things you do best – really owning your work. We also expect you to quickly start contributing.
  • We are growing together and we are learning from each other!

What we value:

  • Play the long game. Overnight success happens over time.
  • Bet big and move fast. Take calculated risks that move the needle, then PUSH.
  • Do the hard things first.



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